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At, we understand that getting a ticket is stressful enough, so we do our best to make taking our traffic school stress-free, easy and fun. If you received a ticket anywhere in Fresno: in Downtown Fresno, in Tower District or Old Fig Garden, our CA DMV licensed online traffic school (license # E1915), authorized by the Fresno Superior Court, is the right way to go about clearing the ticket and keeping your record clean.

Our stressless traffic school’s process is simple and straightforward: once you are permitted by the court in Fresno to take traffic school for your citation, you may register with us. This only takes a few minutes. We offer one insurance/refresher package and four to clear a ticket (including us processing your certificate to the California DMV and Fresno court). Once you select your package and make your payment, you have access to the course.

In fact, you can complete the entire course without even paying – just choose Start Now, Pay Later when asked about payment options. This will give you access to the course for free, and you will only need to pay to take the final test and be processed to the DMV.
The course itself is easy and accessible, designed with your success in mind – it consists of reading sections followed by multiple choice questions and a test of 25 questions. We do our best to make taking our course convenient for you – so it is all open-book, with no timers, and you can log in and out as often as you like and access it from various devices. This helps you take our course on the go, as and when it suits you.

The support team is available for any questions you may have 24/7 – we will be there to answer any questions you have about our course or the process of clearing a ticket in Fresno, offer clarification and advice. Chat to them today (online or call 800 530 6839) and receive a promotional code for a coupon! Our prices are already low, and with the code they turn into a real bargain! Say ’good bye, ticket’!

DMV Licensed Online Traffic School
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The course couldn't have been simpler. I really loved the course.
Stafford E.
Cheap fast and easy is right. Did it on my lunch break!
Wendy L.
Fast and Fun Traffic School. I really enjoyed the course. It was easy to do and the support staff were great!
Mark S.
Loved the humor, very good. lesstimeTrafficSchoolcom is the the best.
Mike H.
Thank you very much, this course was enjoyable and very easy to read. I learned a lot and it was very convenient.
Kristin A.
The traffic school course was great, it allowed me to take the class and pass it at my own convenience. thank you for the ease of this course!
Pedro R.